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About Us
For over 20 years Belle Chevre has been hand-crafting fine French style goat’s milk cheeses in rural Alabama.  A woman with a grand appetite for Chevre (the French word for goat and pronounced ‘shev) founded Belle Chevre and developed a winning recipe that has, to date, garnered over 50 national awards from American Cheese Society and other famed institutions.

Belle Chevre’s delicious recipe landed Belle Chevre cheeses in some of the finest cheese retailers in the country including The Cheese Shop of Beverly Hills and Dean & Deluca in New York City where a wayward Alabamian, Tasia Malakasis, discovered this product from her home about which she did not yet know.

Tasia, ever passionate about food, fell in love with the product, and came back to Alabama to learn the art of cheesemaking and finally persuaded the owner emeritus to let her be the next generation of Belle Chevre.

“I could not be more excited to highlight a great product that is not only from Alabama but is OF Alabama”, says Malakasis.  The uniquely mild but distinctive flavor of our cheeses is directly related to the terrain on which the goats are raised and the cheese is created.  Limestone County, Alabama is a big part of what is special about Belle Chevre.  The French use a term, terroir, to speak mostly about why wine is so special from a certain region – the soil, the climate, the chemical and alchemical sense of place – and it is the same with Belle Chevre’s cheeses.  No other cheese can taste as good!

Steven Jenkins, one of the world’s foremost authorities on cheeses of the world says “Alabama's FBC cheeses and fromage blanc taste as fine as the best of the Loire Valley, Perigord and Provence, and that's a mouthful."

All of our cheeses are hand-made and hand-packed with great care and dedication to the craft – and we believe that that makes all the difference in the world.

We hope that you too will become infected with the passion with which this cheese is made and experience, as Tasia and so many others have, love at first bite!

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