DIY Cheese Kit – Original


It’s so easy (and fun!) to make your own goat cheese at home.



Ever wanted to make your own cheese? Now we’ve made it easy for you with Belle Chevre’s DIY Cheese Kit (Original).  This cheesemaking kit has everything you need to make goat cheese in your very own kitchen.  Best of all, this kit gives you award-winning cheesemakers in a box, instructions and guidance from one of the most awarded and recognized creameries in America.

In just a few hours, and with only about ten minutes of active kitchen time, you will be rolling your own chevre logs or mixing a bowl of freshy-fresh fromage blanc.  Once you start making it, we guarantee you won’t be able to stop!

This kit includes:

  • instructions and recipes (printable pdf)
  • citric acid (for several batches of cheese)
  • cheese salt
  • food-safe thermometer
  • cheese towel
  • cute gift-ready and storage container

Warning: Be ready and willing to share. And practice humbly saying, “Homemade cheese? No, it’s nothing…easy as 1,2.”

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 5 in