As Southeners, we do what our momma says. But at Belle Chevre we break one rule: Don’t play with your food. Here you can find a collection of some of our favorite goat cheese  recipes made with love. Feel free to take inspiration from these to play with in your kitchen.

Spread Belle Chevre’s Goat Cheese Spread on your sandwiches instead of mayonnaise for better flavor, texture and health


 Add acai berries, apple juice, banana, strawberries, and blueberries to a high powered blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into a large bowl. Spread Belle Chevre’s Honey Goat Cheese Spread on top with your favorite fruit for a beautiful start to your day


Coffee Break has never been so delicious with Belle Chevre’s Fig Goat Cheese Spread and your favorite biscotti


Marinara and Goat Cheese

Crumble some of Belle Chevre’s Montrachet style aged goat cheese over marina sauce and bake at 3:50 F for 10 minutes.  Serve over crusty bread.

Honey Goat Cheese Spread & Waffles

Waffles and Pancakes

Waffles, pancakes, french toast, cinnamon toast, crepes and other baked goods transform into an indulging treat when complemented with our Honey Goat Cheese.

Garden Veggie Over Baked Potato

Add a fresh burst of tang and creaminess to your baked or mashed potatoes.  Just add our Garden Veggie Goat Cheese Spread instead of sour cream.